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2019 is here, and I am very excited to roll out my new mission, “Being Person-Centered!” As a long-time person-centered practitioner, I have found that I have the largest impact providing large group and organizational trainings and workshops.  I will continue to provide individual planning services on a limited basis.  Please contact me at any time for your training or planning needs!

Each one of us dreams of living independently and with dignity, to the best of our ability and with the supports we need to be safe and happy. Person-centered planning provides the way to develop a structured plan that honors a person's own vision for their future first and foremost; and accounts for those things that are important to and important for them.


  • Like most parents, as we watch our son get older, we wonder what the futures holds and hope that he will be happy. The fact that he has autism makes planning for his future all the more important. Like most adults, our son does not want to live at home indefinitely. It was so enlightening to sit in a room with people who know B. and listen to what he wants for his future. At times it was painful to listen to what he hopes for but it was so important to hear it. Now the real work begins.
    Ann G
  • The whole session was very well organized and the agenda was clear. Everyone who participated was impressed with how specific the discussions were and how much was actually accomplished in one session. Everyone left feeling as if the next steps were clear and the context of what needed to be done was very clear.
    Richard C
  • I got great feedback from the group about our plan meeting. None of them had been involved in one before , and they all felt it was helpful in understanding J's dreams and how we can put steps in place and work together to realize them as best we can. I hope that all families someday get to go though the process !
  • It was empowering for (our son) and you were so respectful of his place in the process. You are very skilled at working with this population it was clear!